Gamehide 201 Sneaker Big Game Hunting Vest



100% Polyester
Zipper closure

Product Description

Freedom 92118 Spinnerbait, “Freedom’s Live Action Hybrid Jig’s and Spinnerbait’s are both designed with the highest standards. By engineering both Pro Fits. If the jig had an external connection (snap or swivel system) the jig would get caught up on debris and even get hooked up on you line when casting. The internal connection prevents the jig from any of these performance hindering problems while allowing for natural unrestricted action. The addition of this brass internal capsule creates amplified sound on impact and trapped air upon decent, releasing bubbles when resting on the bottom. These bubbles provoke strikes as the jig looks alive.”

100% Polyester
Zipper closure
Machine Wash
Magnum rifle loops with flap and clip pocket
Vest made of hush hide for soft, silent, lightweight and is 100% cotton free.
Four-way dump pockets with shotgun shell loops and rear cargo pocket
Quilted shoulders for added support
Flashlight Pocket
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Naked North Orange Camo


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